When depositing into an Irish online casino account, doing so via phone bill payments is one of the most convenient options. Doing so doesn’t require having a bank, nor do you need to wait long for the funds to appear in your casino account. 

Unsurprisingly, a few prominent payment providers have chosen to get involved and help players to enjoy speedier deposits. Two popular solutions are Boku and Zimpler. 

In this article, you’ll discover the pros and cons of using Boku and Zimpler for online casino deposits in Ireland. We’ll also touch on what exactly phone bill casino payments are, as well as a brief overview of both payment methods’ backgrounds. 

What are Phone Bill Online Casino Payments?

When talking about phone bill online casino payments, we’re referring to depositing money into your account and then paying the sum on your following mobile tariff. You’ll typically need to type in the amount you wish to deposit and verify the payment via SMS. 

While you can deposit into an account using phone bill payments, it’s worth remembering that you cannot withdraw. Instead, you will need to use an alternative payment method for this. 

Phone bill payments are useful for playing online casino games for those who do not want to link their bank account to their profile. 

What is Boku?

Boku is a payment solution that was founded in 2009. The company is headquartered in San Francisco, California. 

Listed on the London Stock Exchange, Boku allows individuals to pay for items and more by adding the fee to their next carrier bill. 

Beyond that, Boku also provides a broad range of B2B solutions to help businesses accept these kinds of payments. 

What is Zimpler?

Zimpler is a little younger than Boku and was founded in 2012. The company originated in Sweden and now has a physical presence in its homeland, plus Germany and other countries. 

Like Boku, Zimpler allows individuals to pay for items online using their phone bill that they’ll pay in the future. Typically, customers will need to pay these within two weeks. 

Zimpler is regulated in Sweden by Finansinspektionen, which is the country’s primary financial regulator. 

What are the Pros of Using Boku for Online Casino Payments?

Using Boku for Irish online casino payments comes with numerous benefits. The main reasons you should deposit into your account with this method are listed below. 

Fast Deposits 

Arguably the biggest appeal associated with using Boku for online casino payments in Ireland is how easy doing this is. Normally, you’ll see the money within your account as soon as you’ve verified your payment. As a result, you can start playing with fewer delays than might be the case with other payment options. 

Widely Available 

Boku is one of the best-known payment providers and was an early adopter of fintech. Thanks to this, it enjoys a favourable reputation in numerous industries – and iGaming is no different. A whole host of Ireland online casinos allow you to deposit using Boku, meaning that you shouldn’t need to go far in order to find a suitable place to play. 

No Deposit Fees (for the Most Part)

When comparing Irish online casino payment methods, one of the most important things to look out for is deposit fees. And this is where we have good news regarding Boku – there are none. 

Since online casinos usually won’t add a surcharge to any deposits, you shouldn’t need to worry about needing to pay extra on top of your playing total when adding money. 

In some cases, however, you might need to pay a commission fee. So, it’s a good idea to research the individual site you plan to wager on. 

What are the Cons of Using Boku for Online Casino Payments?

Despite the benefits of Boku online casinos, it’s also essential to get a well-rounded picture by looking at the cons. You already know that you can’t use Boku for withdrawals, but the other main drawback you need to look out for is below.

Tight Transaction Limits 

Perhaps one of the reasons that Boku isn’t as popular as it could be for online casinos is its strict depositing limits. You’ll generally be limited to £30 (or currency equivalent) per day, which makes it challenging to justify using the service if you’re more than a casual gambler. 

If you try to make additional transactions to gambling sites after reaching these limits, you’ll find that your payment is blocked. 

What are the Pros of Using Zimpler for Online Casino Payments?

Like Boku, you’ll find plenty of reasons to use Zimpler to fund your online casino account. We’ve listed some of the critical advantages of using this service below. 

Easy Registration 

When it comes to registration, Zimpler has many similarities to fellow Swedish payment method Trustly. You won’t need to hand over any documents to verify your identity and can start playing at an online casino by using this casino in very little time. 

Swift Deposits 

Like with Boku, you won’t need to wait long before depositing into your online casino using Zimpler. Your money should show up in your account almost immediately once you’ve verified your payment, meaning that you can start spinning your favourite slots or playing the best table card games without delay. 


Zimpler prides itself on making payments easy. And by extension, the service is highly user-friendly. When using this solution, you won’t need to worry about any complicated on-screen instructions or fancy interfaces. 

What Are the Cons of Using Zimpler for Online Casino Payments?

Despite the benefits of using Zimpler, you’ll find a few significant cons to funding your online casino account using this method. The main drawbacks are listed below. 

Not Yet Available in Ireland 

This is the biggest con. Even if you wanted to use Zimpler for online casino payments in Ireland, you’d need to wait until the service expands into the country for online gambling. Currently, it’s only available in the UK, Sweden, Germany, and Finland. 

Associated Fees 

While casinos will often not charge you for depositing, you will need to pay a little bit of money when using Zimpler for online casino deposits. This surcharge varies depending on the amount you put into your account. 

Boku vs. Zimpler: What Are the Payment Alternatives? 

Boku and Zimpler aren’t the only payment providers that offer phone bill online casino deposits. If Boku didn’t take your fancy, Payforit would – if it was accepted in Ireland. 

Since Payforit isn’t available in Ireland, what are your alternatives

Your best bet (pun intended) is to look at digital wallet solutions. Many online casinos in Ireland accept PayPal, and the same is true for Skrill and Neteller. 

Elsewhere, mobile banks such as Revolut and N26 are worth considering. 

Boku vs. Zimpler: Convenient Online Casino Payment Methods, but not without their Challenges

Boku and Zimpler are two of the best-known names in the fintech space, and they offer plenty of reasons to deposit. Unfortunately for the latter, though, you can’t yet deposit at an online casino in Ireland using this service. 

If you’re a casual gambler, Boku is a great option for online casino deposits. You can then incorporate this with a different method, such as digital wallets when it comes to withdrawals. 

But if you usually play online casino games using larger amounts, you might want to consider using digital wallets for both withdrawing and depositing.