QR codes are far from a new invention, but they’ve been brought closer to the limelight as a solution for payments. PayPal already allows customers in the US and other markets to use this feature, expanding far beyond the traditional digital wallet capabilities it initially became famous for.

While QR code payments aren’t yet widespread in the world of online casinos, trends are slowly shifting. A selection of websites accept the payment method, and that number seems likely to increase in the coming years. 

Here are three big reasons you should use QR code payments at your favourite online casinos, or at least look forward to having the option! 

Swift payments 

The biggest visible advantage of QR code payments is how fast they are. You don’t need to fill in your bank card details, nor do you need to use the back-of-card security number. 

Instead, all you need to do is enter how much you want to deposit – and then scan the code that appears on your computer screen. Once you’ve done that, you’re all set to play. 

When it comes to speed, QR code payments are often instantaneous, meaning the ease of transactions doesn’t come at the cost of speed.


When paying for anything online, security is a top concern. Not everyone is comfortable with inputting their card details, even if they’re depositing with a website that they trust. 

QR codes are used solely to exchange information, minimising risk to the user. Beyond that, everything between the payee and merchant is encrypted per UKGC licensing requirements. 

Often, you’ll need to pay via QR code through your payment provider’s app – which is similarly well-protected. As such, you can rest assured knowing your payments are secure.  

Compatible with most smartphones 

Many players enjoy playing online casino games on their mobile devices, particularly as sites have become far more accommodating for mobile functionality. Even if it’s not to play, then these devices can be used for QR code payments. 

Pretty much every iOS and Android device has a camera that allows you to scan QR codes. So, you’ll have few – if any issues – when depositing on websites. 

The majority of smartphones will also support payment providers’ latest app versions, although it should be noted that older handsets may be locked out from such updates. As a result, you can largely pay via QR code without needing to worry about being able to use the app. 

QR code payments: relatively new to online casino gaming, but growing in popularity

Not all of your favourite online casino sites will offer QR code payments right now. And for the time being, you might even find that none of them do. But the option will likely expand sooner rather than later. 

If you find a high-rated online casino offering QR code payments, using this option will give you a fast and secure way to add money to your account, and you won’t even need your bank card. 

While there’s a healthy number of varied deposit options out there, from e-wallets to prepaid cards and phone bill payments, QR code payments are a welcome addition to the fold.