Neteller has been one of the most popular gambling payment methods for a while, and for good reason. In contrast to other major payment methods, Neteller has sought to accommodate gambling transactions – both for sportsbooks and online casinos. 

In 2021, the company launched a new customer loyalty scheme titled Knect. A similar option had previously been introduced via another of Paysafe’s digital wallets, Skrill. 

So, what is the Knect loyalty programme? You’ll find out the answer to that question in this article, along with discovering how to join and earn points. 

The Neteller Knect loyalty programme: what is it and what’s included? 

The Neteller Knect loyalty program is a new customer rewards scheme, which launched in April 2021. Neteller Knect is available in more than 100 countries worldwide. 

Using the programme, customers can exchange points for monetary rewards. They can get discounts with partnered Neteller merchants, along with gift cards. 

Other rewards available through the loyalty programme include e-money and cryptocurrency capabilities. 

Paysafe says that it will add extra rewards to the programme on a regular basis.

Neteller Knect is separate from its tiered VIP scheme, where players can progress through VIP levels depending on how much they transfer to merchants per quarter. 

How do you earn points on the programme? 

Earning points with Neteller Knect is easy. Every time you use your Neteller account, you’ll use points that can later be exchanged. 

Each time you make a transaction with a merchant, including when you deposit into your betting account, you’ll earn points. 

You’ll get extra points when you withdraw, use cryptocurrency for transactions, and pay with your prepaid Neteller card. 

How to join the Neteller Knect loyalty programme

To join Neteller Knect, you’ll first need to have a Neteller account. You can sign up for one by visiting the payment method’s website and entering the necessary details. 

Once you’ve verified your account and it’s ready to go, you’ll have to go to your smartphone. Either download the Neteller app if you haven’t already got it or open it if you do. 

In the Neteller app, click on the Knect banner and join the programme. 

Once you’ve completed the above steps, all that’s left for you to do is start using your Neteller account. When you have points in your account, you can begin exchanging them. 

Another reason to join Neteller 

Alongside PayPal and co., Neteller is already a popular payment method with online casino players because of how easy it is to use and how widely accepted the service is. 

The payment option also enables players to make transactions in multiple currencies and has a comprehensive VIP scheme. 

With Knect, players who don’t transact the amounts needed to join the VIP programme can still get more in return for their loyalty. You don’t even need to solely transact; you can receive points for depositing into your account and much more. And since joining is free, it’s worth doing so.