Around a year after gambling transactions via credit card were banned over the water in the UK, Flutter Entertainment has chosen to introduce similar measures for its Ireland brands. 

An announcement on the company’s intentions to do this was made in February, in the midst of numerous conversations about betting in the country. 

As of April, players in Ireland have had to find alternative means to gamble with Flutter Entertainment’s betting sites. 

What does the ban consist of? 

The credit card ban is in effect across all of Flutter’s websites, including Paddy Power. It forms part of the company’s safer gambling initiatives. Other brands where players cannot use this payment method include Betfair and Sky Betting and Gaming. 

Players in Ireland are not banned from betting altogether with Flutter Entertainment, though. They can still use debit cards, along with other means of depositing to and withdrawing from their accounts. 

Flutter’s safer gambling initiatives

Flutter has also announced that it will not promote its betting sites while live sporting events are taking place. This is practically identical to the whistle-to-whistle ban that UK operators have voluntarily implemented. 

The whistle-to-whistle advertising blackout will come into effect next month. 

In addition to the credit card betting and whistle-to-whistle advertising bans, Flutter is also committing to donate 1% of yearly revenue to research, education and treatment. It expects to complete this by 2023. 

Is credit card betting banned in Ireland? 

At the moment, no – credit card betting is not banned in Ireland by law. However, there’s a chance that players could need to seek alternative payment methods mandatorily soon.

The country is currently in the midst of major gambling reforms. A regulator is expected to come into force from next year, having already been delayed. 

Commenting on the new regulator’s responsibilities, Deputy James Browne said: 

“When it is established, the regulator will have the necessary enforcement powers for licensing and powers to take action where individuals or operators fail to follow rules and regulations. 

“Its key objectives will be as follows: to prevent gambling from being a source or support to crime; to ensure that gambling is conducted in a fair and open way for companies to make decisions in certainty; and to require the promotion of safe and responsible gambling, and to combat problem gambling.”

Last week, senators urged that the introduction of a new gambling regulator in Ireland was not pushed further back. 

Gambling advertising has been hotly-discussed, with many prominent figures demanding that they are banned. Betting sponsorships are also in question; the Football Association of Ireland (FAI) has stopped partnerships of this kind. However, League of Ireland (LOI) clubs can still pursue these.