Eddie Baker

Currently based in Belfast, Eddie is a content writer at He likes to delve into the details in his articles, whether it’s giving readers the lowdown on different casino sites, or encouraging them to gamble responsibly and follow best practices. Alongside the casino side of things, Eddie also has a personal interest in football betting, always scouring the latest stats to find a top pick.

Eddie put his love of writing to good use after the completion of a BA and MA in History at the University of Sussex, kicking off graduate life as a freelance proofreader and copywriter. His portfolio isn’t just focused on gambling — the wide range of topics he’s written about includes travel, pets, and renewable energy.

With two years of experience in the online casino space under his belt, Eddie is undoubtedly an expert on everything from slots to bingo. He loves to mix in his passion for history wherever he can — one fact that may surprise you is more Brits attended bingo halls than top-flight football matches during the 1960s.

When he’s not working, Eddie keenly follows the performance of his beloved Chelsea and battles it out in his fantasy football league. 2022 has already seen him run a 10K personal best, but he’s also hoping to return to gigging with his band.